A laptop screen with many logos suspended in front of and around it.

In a world that’s working with a new definition of the word “collaboration,” how can an intranet change your business for the better? 

Intranets are an ideal option for brokerages and teams that want to stay better connected and collaborate more effectively, especially while working in hybrid and remote situations. Fundamentally, the right real estate intranet keeps everyone aligned, energized, and engaged. 

Built for your brokerage 

One of the key features of an intranet is customizability.  

Newsfeeds, as an example, are a pivotal feature that allows broker-owners and leaders to keep agents in the loop with company messages and industry news, highlighting what matters most. Agents can respond to and comment on posts—or even post their own. All of this helps to create a sense of place, dramatically increasing collaboration and transparency across the board. 

With Workspace, Lone Wolf’s dynamic intranet solution, you can create a hub for your business with custom branding, content syndication (also called RSS feeds), video content, and track engagement across your agents and staff.   

Simplified calendars  

No one likes juggling multiple devices or calendars.  

In times when the struggle to work from home is real, setting daily aspirations can have a big impact.  

Workspace’s features allow you to create and assign events or tasks across personnel, a team or group, and across the whole office. Whether it’s a company-wide call, a well-earned vacation, or perhaps a team training session, everyone remains informed.  

Document libraries 

If there’s a universal truth about real estate, it might be this: it takes a lot of documents to get the job done.   

With Workspace, you can create a single location where it’s easy to find what you need, when you need it. Upload and share your most requested forms, critical documents, important materials like HR guidelines, the newest market reports, required contracts, and more.  

Security & compliance 

When you host your files and internal conversations using an intranet, you reduce risk. You can ensure that members of your team have access to the most up-to-date, compliant forms in your document library.  

With a current and accessible employee database, it’s easy for anyone on your team to connect with colleagues and collaborate—all while protecting their personal information.  

Constant communication 

Whether it’s keeping your team up-to-date or putting all the necessary training materials in place for new talent, it all contributes to better communication—and better communication means better productivity, better collaboration, and better results.  

All things said and done… 

The right intranet for your business can be designed to meet your specific needs, creating flexible solutions to ensure your team has exactly the right tools to simplify workflows and optimize operations.   

Workspace (formerly known as Propertybase Back Office and BackAgent) makes all of this—and more—possible.