The new global header for Transactions

Here at Lone Wolf, we have always believed in the idea of connected technology. Whether through integrations or inherent connections, it’s all made with the intention of making real estate simpler—of improving the agent and broker experience and their clients’ experience, too. 

Part of building an end-to-end platform is that it’s never truly finished. There are always improvements to make, changes to implement, details that can smooth out wrinkles that weren’t necessarily there before. 

With that, we’re excited to share that an improvement is coming to both editions of Transactions: an all-new global header.


What is the global header? 

Though a product’s header often fades into the background, it’s an essential part of using any software. It’s the navigation menu, made to help agents and brokers find the resources they need. 

The new global header is an improvement on the existing headers within Transactions (zipForm Edition) and Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition). It brings a new look and feel to the solutions your members know, and is designed to help them move around and access the tools they use frequently even better than before. It won’t drastically change their experience with Transactions, and will come with in-app messages and guided help to prepare them ahead of time. 

It’s also designed to bring together the many solutions in the Lone Wolf family through a unified visual identity. Your agents might recognize the new header as the same style they see in other Lone Wolf and member benefit solutions.


It’s not just a visual change. 

This new global header, carefully designed following best practices for user experiences, combines form and function—and includes some changes to help your members use Transactions more efficiently. 

In both editions of Transactions, your members’ settings, help, and profile sections, including logging in and out, have all been organized on the right-hand side of the header—with some differences based on the edition, as well.


What’s different in Transactions (zipForm Edition)? 

For any of your members who have signed up for EliteAgent, it now has its own dropdown. Because EliteAgent includes plenty of frequently used tools for agents, this makes it easier for agents to access those tools. Every second saved adds up—and that’s time your members can use to focus on bigger priorities!


What’s different in Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition)? 

Users can now find templates and clauses in the left panel—which means they’re readily accessible when your members need them, and are no longer buried within their settings.


What’s next? 

We’ll introduce the new global header to both editions of Transactions on a state-by-state basis, and will communicate with you and your members ahead of time when your launch is coming up. Stay tuned for more information!