Traditionally, the housing market begins to slow down in the fall in anticipation of the holiday season. The pandemic, however, changed this trend. From distressed sales, to bidding wars, and blind bidding—the pandemic brought about total chaos in the real estate market with record-breaking price increases across North America.

Even with the onset of fall, September’s YoY median house prices were up 8.6% in the US, 14% in Canada. For the remainder of 2021, the house prices are cooling only slightly and the year is expected to end on a high note. That being the case, there is a ton of curiosity amongst homeowners about the value of their home. Many homeowners are on the fence about selling their homes to turn a profit, but the dilemma of finding another home without breaking the bank keeps them from doing so.

What does this mean for you as an agent?

As the housing market continues to throw curveballs, people are increasingly relying on the professional help of agents to navigate through the tricky terrain of the current market. This means that now is the perfect time for you to stay connected with your target audience, keep them informed with the latest trends, and position yourself as the market expert. When the time comes for homeowners to make a decision to sell, you'll be the first person they reach out to!

Here’s 3 things you need to do right now to come out on top:

Reinvigorate your lead gen.

The vast majority of potential buyers and sellers are already on the internet looking for information about the housing market. Many are already toying with the idea of putting their house up for sale, so information about how much their house is worth can be the push they need to make the decision. With Cloud Attract, you can build a hyper-targeted landing page in a matter of minutes that will respond with a home valuation and a quick competitive market analysis (CMA) for users, until you’re able to follow up—while positioning you as an expert.

You can also leverage your current or past listings to build buzz around your business with social media marketing for real estate. Boost’s hyper-targeted listing ads are displayed across sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more—connecting you with people in your desired neighborhoods. Boost’s visually-compelling ads are powered by the industry’s best targeting technology to ensure quality leads, so you can focus your efforts on where the ROI is the best.

Nurture your leads into customers.

Even when you’re creating buzz and enticing leads through home valuations and CMAs, a lot of people will continue to watch the market rather than taking the leap. But actively engaging with homeowners using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like LionDesk can ensure that you are top-of-mind. With amazing features like enhanced drip campaigns, AI-enabled lead follow-up, and contact management, you can continue to share market updates, so they know who to reach out to when they have any questions.

NAR’s 2021 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Report indicates that most people do business with the first agent they talk to. Hence, having a good CRM in place that automates and speeds up your lead follow-up can exponentially improve your chances of converting a lead into a client.

Manage transactions in a flash.

Nearly half of Canadians claim they aren’t knowledgeable enough to make real estate transactions on their own. Agents are the superheroes who they look up to. So, when the time comes to give your clients a phenomenal buying or selling experience, Lone Wolf Transactions extends its helping hand so you can work fast, stay productive, and give your clients a completely digital experience.

The average days on market this October was eight days less than October 2020, which means that once you enter a new listing into MLS, you need to act fast right from the beginning. From fielding multiple offers to ordering title insurance, to getting forms signed—a reliable, fast, and completely digital real estate transaction management solution is crucial, especially during this fall.

Lone Wolf Transactions gives you the ability to fast track the whole process with access to the latest and compliant digital forms on the go, direct access to your MLS, and leading e-signature solution Authentisign, so you can sign deals anywhere, anytime, and without a worry. Also, with features like Digital Title Orders and Digital Home Warranty, you can give your clients peace of mind and take their experience up a notch!

Ride the fall wave with the best tech

With the crazy market we are in right now, the stakes are high for both buyers and sellers. It has never been more important to put your best foot forward at every interaction with your clients. And Lone Wolf’s suite of solutions helps you do just that—seamlessly and efficiently.