The new generation of Lone Wolf software on a laptop

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. In case you missed it last week following the T3 Sixty Tech Summit, there was one tasty tidbit that found its way into the news: 

“Lone Wolf Technologies unveiled its end-to-end transaction platform this week, sharing a hands-on experience with hundreds of attendees at the T3 Tech Summit in Fort Worth, Texas.” 

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Now, it’s time for you to meet Lone Wolf Foundation. 

Just this morning, we shared the news of our major plans for 2024, including the unofficial introduction of Lone Wolf Foundation. Though it isn’t quite ready to hit the market yet, Foundation is our vision for a simpler way to use software in the real estate industry—and it is closer than you might think. 




And this isn’t as much of a surprise as it seems. 

For quite some time now, we’ve been talking about the issues facing the real estate industry as far as tech usage is concerned. As early as August, we started outlining our blueprint for what the future of software in real estate should look like—and from there, the story has only grown. 


The software for tomorrow

Without the right architecture, foundation, and frame, any structure will founder. Several years ago, we started the journey to build the right base for modern real estate software—and in this piece, we outline exactly what it will take to build software for the future. 



The modernization of real estate software 

In this joint report with T3 Sixty, we explored the state of real estate software today—and discussed what it looks like to create software for the way real estate will work in the years to come. 

To face future problems, we need future solutions. Prepare for your long-term goals with a solid grasp on what modern real estate tech looks like—in the future, and right now. 



Real estate doesn’t need more software 

In the wake of our report with T3 Sixty, Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf, shared his thoughts with Inman on exactly why real estate doesn’t need more solutions, more technology, more software—and what it needs instead. 



A less, but better, approach to real estate software design 

In this episode of Listing Bits on Vendor Alley, Damien Huze, our senior design manager and principal designer, shared insights on the benefits—and approach—of a less-but-better approach to design in real estate software. 



The future of real estate software is here. 

It’s been a journey—but we are all together on the cusp of a massive shift for the real estate industry. And on behalf of the whole team here at Lone Wolf, we’re excited that you’re here with us. 

Ready to open the door to the future?