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Broker Edition, now available as a CREA WEBForms® add-on.

Unlock the full potential of your transaction management platform. With seamless integration into your CREA WEBForms® account, TransactionDesk Broker Edition turns your agent-focused platform into the fully powered Broker solution you need.

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Your agents have everything they need. Let's get you what you need, too.

Today, nearly every real estate agent across Canada has access to CREA WEBForms® Powered by TransactionDesk. The TransactionDesk Broker Edition add-on is your ultimate tool for turning the agent-focused system you have into the brokerage-focused powerhouse you need.


Power up your brokerage with these essential tools, available with the Broker Edition add-on.

CREA WEBForms® comes equipped with the basic tools you need to run your business. And with the Broker Edition add-on, you get access to the brokerage-level tools you need to take your business to the next level.


Fast-forward transactions with Authentisign, real estate's #1 eSignature solution. Get documents and forms signed in seconds through a client's email.


Fax Integration

Send faxes directly to email, or emails directly to fax. Versatile for user and client preferences.


Schedule and automate transaction reporting to get a consistent view into your cash flow and pipeline.


Broker Review

Ensure documents have completed and correct field information.

Back Office Integration

Two-way integration instantly updates info and notifies of deal changes no matter where the changes are made.

Unlock your brokerage's full transaction management potential. With TransactionDesk Broker Edition functionality, your brokerage will be able to:

  1. Know the status of any transaction at anytime
  2. Stay organized and compliant in everything you do
  3. Receive notifications when a document is ready for review
  4. Keep your team in step with office checklists and templates
  5. Create a consistent and modern experience for clients with brokerage branding

Redefining the end-to-end real estate solution.

We know that the work doesn’t stop once the deal closes—accounting, commissions, payouts still need to be done. In the past, this meant jumping into another system or two and entering all that data again. Not anymore.

With TransactionDesk Broker Edition, your brokerage gets a two-way integration into brokerWOLF, so both agents and the back office get consistent information at every stage of a deal—all the time. How’s that for peace of mind?!


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