Real estate agent working with the software for the future

Here at Lone Wolf, we’re celebrating our 35 years of history in 2024 with bold next steps into the future of software for real estate. 

For years, we at Lone Wolf have been looking ahead to the future of software for real estate, while continuing to innovate and experiment, improving and expanding our existing solutions. 

Another new year’s celebration has come and gone, and as we step fully into 2024, it’s looking like the future is finally here—and we’re ready. 

We’ve established connections between our solutions to reduce pressure on real estate professionals. 

We’ve collaborated with other providers in the industry, ensuring that those who rely on Lone Wolf solutions are getting the most out of their software. 

We’ve taken decades of feedback and training into account, learning what real estate professionals value most about our solutions.

We know that now is the time for better, smarter software. That's why we've been working so hard to make sure our solutions, familiar and trusted by so many across the real estate industry already, can be that better, smarter software.

We first introduced our plans for the new generation of real estate software at the T3 Sixty Tech Summit in October 2023. Built on our flagship software and designed to carry familiarity into the future, the new generation combines decades of feedback with the latest innovations in security and user experience, bringing our most trusted solutions together into a single place for every real estate professional across the agent, broker, and enterprise levels. 

After 35 years in business, we’ve heard our fair share of observations and opinions about what works well when it comes to software for real estate and what doesn’t—but that’s not the only place we’re looking for inspiration. In other industries, from cybersecurity to social media, from ecommerce to entertainment, there’s a lot we can learn about flexibility, portability, simplicity, and ease of use. That's why we're building a new platform to centralize everything the people of real estate already do with Lone Wolf software—from the moment a deal kicks off to the final signature on a commission check—end to end and all in one location. We’re combining function and familiarity with future-forward thinking.

Our new generation will bring plenty of exciting announcements this year, including an exclusive opportunity to combine the most important software every brokerage needs. So stay tuned for more information, from transactions to back office, the latest innovation in market intelligence and brokerage recruiting, and beyond!